Channeling Our Inner Van Goghs

I’ve been planning on visiting Sip & Gogh for the longest time. This May, since my little sister is visiting us, I decided to give it a try. I pre-registered online and decided to enroll on their Eastwood branch Eiffel Tower 2:30-5:00pm session for Php900 per person. I learned that you can add Php100 per person onsite of you wish to have a glass of alcoholic/non-alcoholic drink and a plate of appetizer (biscuits and cheese) while painting, thus Sip & Gogh.


We arrived at their place and it is similar to an art studio with tables, canvases and easels, and can accommodate at least 20 students/painters. I felt excited when the instructor handed us the oval paint tray.  It was our first time to paint, and upon seeing the Eiffel Tower painting, I thought it was difficult for it has mini details and has different hues.  Well, thanks to our instructor. She was so helpful and patient with us. She taught us how to mix the colors, what brush to use and different strokes. She supervised us every step of the way.


What I also love about the gallery is that there is no pressure to anyone. We were allowed to take mini breaks and laugh and talk and take photos and eat, as long as we are done or as long as we can catch up.


What’s great is that Sip & Gogh has no age limit! However, there are sessions that are inclined only for adults. Sessions for the family and kids below 5 years old are usually held on weekends. You just have to check on your preferred branch the schedule, or visit their website.





Indeed, time flies when you’re having fun. I didn’t even realize that we were painting for 2 hours. And *drum roll*, I’d like to present to you our obra maestra!


We will definitely go back and try other sessions! You should try it too!

Sip & Gogh Eastwood Branch
Unit LG3-4, G/F Eastwood Le Grand 3, Eastwood City
Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Philippines
+63 2 942 30 35/+63 998 886 61 07


Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 7.12.09 PM

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