There are some things about me that I want you to know. If you’re really that interested, you can read on. 🙂

  • My name is Joarah, which for me is a perfect mix of my parents’ names, Joel and Suzarah. My second name is Scyllah (sai.lah or see.lah), and I don’t know where my parents got it. Tip: Go to Google, type Scylla and be amazed. Rawr!
  • I spent my childhood days in Polangui, Albay (Bicol Region, PH).
  • I graduated with a degree in BS Tourism from the University of the Philippines Diliman in 2010. My first course in the university was BS Industrial Engineering, before shifting out to BS Tourism.
  • After graduating in college, I have worked for two different travel agencies before becoming a managing partner at DCS Travel and Events.
  • I am a proud member of the UP ASTRUM SCIENTIS Sorority. And I love my sisters so much.
  • It has been my dream to have my own domain, and here I am, living the dream! I just hope I can maintain this site and can post awesome (or not) stuff!
  • I love taking landscape photos, and food photos. I use the hashtags #JoarahTravels, #JoarahEats and #JoarahReads on Instagram. Feel free to check it out, and please hit that follow button.
  • I dream of travelling to all the provinces in the Philippines, before eventually conquering the world.

♥ ♥ ♥