The UP SORORITAS ASTRVM SCIENTIS (AS) is a duly recognized all-female organization at the University of the Philippines. Their mother chapter was chartered at Diliman on August 14, 1972. It was founded by 14 charter members with the help of SCINTILLA JVRIS FRATERNITY.

Inspired by their principles on the rule of law, intellectual integrity and academic excellence, AS has spearheaded various social and civic activities on and off campus all throughout their existence.

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Photo grabbed from Joni’s Twitter. 

The sorority gave me an opportunity to meet friends for keeps. It made my last year in college a memorable one. It taught me how to be a more responsible student like going to class even if I am drunk. Kidding. Haha! It also helped me build and improve my self-confidence because I need to make pa-cute to the pogi brods. Hahaha! #charot.

From moni sessions and chismis at the tambayan to the most intellectual conversations over coffee (and beer, and tequila, even lambanog). From isaw and CASAA food to steak and ribs. From flip flops to heels. From house parties to weddings. You keep on making my life memorable. I could not ask for more.

Here’s to my stars! I love you all!



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Sukh Sabai Foot and Body Massage

The last quarter of 2017 has been a great rollercoaster ride for me and my friend. After giving it a thought for almost a million times, we decided to embark on this new business venture. And after almost 3 months of planning, renovating, processing business permits, here we are, the Sukh Sabai Spa, now operational.

Sukh Sabai is a Thai language that means “sukh” for happiness and “sabai” for comfort. We want the place to be everybody’s place for comfort and relaxation. We provide purely authentic Thai massage and aromatherapy for young and adult individuals. Sukh Sabai Spa, with its highly trained massage therapists, provides a relaxing touch of head to toe massage that eliminates stress, fatigue, aches and pains.


As an introductory offer, we give free 15-minute massage to guests availing 1 hour Swedish, Thai or foot massages (regular rates). Another offer that guests can avail is our Chinese New Year promo. For only Php 218, you can get a 1 hour full-body massage or foot massage. Our trained therapists will ensure your comfortable experience throughout your stay

We also have a 3-month long partnership and promo with Sure Deal here. Get your coupons now!

We are conveniently located at 2F, #40 Stella Maris Ave. cor. C. Raymundo Ave., Maybunga, Pasig. For reservations and appointments, you can contact 0977-032-3918 and 02-909-5816.

Please also like our Facebook page here.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 1.13.39 PMWhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 1.13.35 PM

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*Official photos to follow.

Looking forward to seeing you here at Sukh Sabai Spa! 🙂



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VID: #JoarahTravels Kota Kinabalu 2017

My business partners/friends and I decided to book a flight overseas just so we can bond. Since Kota Kinabalu has cheaper flight options, we decided to grab it. We only got two (2) full days in Kota Kinabalu. When we went to Kinabalu Park, it was raining so hard pa kaya we weren’t able to walk/roam around the park. Huhu.

Here’s my 2nd attempt on creating a video montage of my trip. Cheers!



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VID: #JoarahTravels Thailand 2017

It was my first solo trip outside the Philippines and it was fun. I chickened out the last minute to do DIY tours because I’ve read blogs that it’ll be walking (and commuting) all day. So to save my lazy ass some steps, I booked tours from Klook. Hahaha! Four days is so bitin. Will definitely go back and will do shopping next (because I didn’t shop for anything when I was there).

Sharing with you my first attempt on video editing compiling editing compiling (ah basta!) of my first solo trip out of the country. Cheers!



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Neozep #YakapDelivery

Twitter has always been my go-to SNS. I can express more of myself through Twitter. Yesterday, I just tweeted a good friend a get well message and that I am also not feeling well, and that I have cough and colds when @Neozep_PH asked me to DM them my number and current location.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 8.53.53 AM

So I checked on their hashtag and their Facebook page and thought to myself that there was really no harm in trying. I DM-ed my contact number, and someone from their team called me and asked for my current location. That time, I was on the road with friends. I told them that if they can go to the National Museum until 1700H, I can meet them. They didn’t arrive so I thought they already changed their mind.

At around 1800H, someone called and texted me again and asked where I was heading to. I told the staff that I was on my way to Marikina for dinner. I told them to no longer bother sending me the delivery because I will be in my residence at around midnight pa, but they insisted, and advised me that the delivery man will meet me at my location.


I was surprised when two delivery men from Neozep arrived at my location and handed me a #YakapDelivery!! Ok, it wasn’t a hug or a yakap. But I kind of hoped it was. Because why not, pero like mahahawaan ko sila ng sipon and ubo. Haha! They said that they came all the way from Paranaque. I was so touched by Neozep’s gesture. Well, nag-expect ako ng kaunti na si Alden ang maghahatid ng delivery. Chos!


Thank you so much, Neozep! You are so sweet! Thank you for the #YakapDelivery! Thank you for making me feel better, as always. And thank you to the two kuyas who delivered the package to me even if it was drizzling. 🙂

Isang mahigpit na yakap para sa lahat!


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Channeling Our Inner Van Goghs

I’ve been planning on visiting Sip & Gogh for the longest time. This May, since my little sister is visiting us, I decided to give it a try. I pre-registered online and decided to enroll on their Eastwood branch Eiffel Tower 2:30-5:00pm session for Php900 per person. I learned that you can add Php100 per person onsite of you wish to have a glass of alcoholic/non-alcoholic drink and a plate of appetizer (biscuits and cheese) while painting, thus Sip & Gogh.


We arrived at their place and it is similar to an art studio with tables, canvases and easels, and can accommodate at least 20 students/painters. I felt excited when the instructor handed us the oval paint tray.  It was our first time to paint, and upon seeing the Eiffel Tower painting, I thought it was difficult for it has mini details and has different hues.  Well, thanks to our instructor. She was so helpful and patient with us. She taught us how to mix the colors, what brush to use and different strokes. She supervised us every step of the way.


What I also love about the gallery is that there is no pressure to anyone. We were allowed to take mini breaks and laugh and talk and take photos and eat, as long as we are done or as long as we can catch up.


What’s great is that Sip & Gogh has no age limit! However, there are sessions that are inclined only for adults. Sessions for the family and kids below 5 years old are usually held on weekends. You just have to check on your preferred branch the schedule, or visit their website.





Indeed, time flies when you’re having fun. I didn’t even realize that we were painting for 2 hours. And *drum roll*, I’d like to present to you our obra maestra!


We will definitely go back and try other sessions! You should try it too!

Sip & Gogh Eastwood Branch
Unit LG3-4, G/F Eastwood Le Grand 3, Eastwood City
Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Philippines
+63 2 942 30 35/+63 998 886 61 07


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2017: A New Beginning

I can’t believe 2017’s first month passed by already. It’s amazing how for 30 days, I did nothing but lie down in bed all day. Haha! 

2016 was so good to me. I travelled to Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. I bought a small condo unit. I was able to finance my family’s travel to Boracay and Cebu. (Okay, I promise that I will take time to write about my travels). My brother passed the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination. Our business also did well.

This 2017, I am hoping to achieve more and see/experience more positive changes in my life as an adult. Naaaks! I know we really don’t need a new year to start anew. Hey, every day is a new beginning. As a young adult in this cruel world, I look forward to a year of challenging myself for me to become a better person.

I came across this blog post by Joyce Marter months ago about self-love and understanding it. I realized how abusive I was to myself the past years. This year, I will be more positive and will make sure to affirm myself every single day. It’s time for me to love me.

1. I will read more books

When I visited my family in Bicol for the holidays, there was no electricity and mobile signal was bad. So I spent my days reading e-books. After every book I finished reading, I feel a sense of accomplishment and relief. Reading helps reduce stress and stimulates one’s mind. So I urge you to read more, too. You’re welcome.

2. I will travel more, if possible, alone

In 2016, I experienced traveling solo in Cebu. I enjoyed traveling solo. There’s no one to worry about and you are free to go anywhere you want, at your own pace and time. Solo traveling also makes you more independent and it’s more cost-efficient. It also makes you more confident and it helps you get to know more about yourself. This year, I plan to travel solo to Bangkok and Brunei. My fingers are crossed.

3. I will work hard (or invest in a new business venture)

DCS Travel has become our baby. However, in life, sometimes you need other source of funds in order to sustain your needs. With enough perseverance, knowledge and money of course, I hope this year, I can get into another successful investment.

4. I will learn a new language

Learning a new language isn’t that easy. It isn’t that cheap. It will be expensive. I guess this will be my least priority. I am thinking of learning Spanish or French. I did try French in college but really, I suck. Big time.

5. I will apply for an MBA degree

I miss studying. I miss attending classes. I want to learn more. I am craving for more knowledge. I’ve been looking for universities offering masters classes in tourism and I came across one university offering an MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management. I need to try it. I really do. This is for me, and the future.

Achieving one’s goals for the year isn’t difficult. I know there will be bumps and hurdles along the road, but if you persevere, if you are really willing to try, your success is within your reach.


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