My Life List

“Don’t be afraid of death. Be afraid of an unlived life.”

A life list is a list of goals you are fully committed to accomplishing before a predetermined date. This is different from a bucket list which is a list of things you would like to do before dying.

I made this final life list in 2014, so some items were already ticked off.

  1. Go camping.
  2. Join a fun run.
  3. And eventually run a f**king marathon. (Or a half-marathon) Haha!
  4. Bake a delicious cake.
  5. Light a firecracker.
  6. See the Eiffel Tower.
  7. Find a lifetime partner.
  8. Have a kid or kids.
  9. Buy a Philippine scratch map and scratch off Batanes.
  10. Try scuba diving.
  11. Donate blood.
  12. Volunteer.
  13. Enrol in a pole-dancing class. Or a boxing class.
  14. Read the books and watch Harry Potter, LOTR, and Star Wars.
  15. Save at least Php1M.
  16. Go to Boracay or Palawan with Mom, Bong, and Nang.
  17. Ride a goddamn roller coaster.
  18. Climb a mountain.
  19. Try skinny dipping.
  20. Go on a cruise (Asian cruise will do).
  21. See and experience real snow.
  22. Hug a panda.
  23. Ride on the topload of a jeepney.
  24. Throw a surprise party for a loved one.
  25. Experience Disneyland.
  26. Attend a masquerade ball or a costume party.
  27. Buy or register own domain name.
  28. Firing.
  29. Try wall-climbing. And ice-skating.
  30. Cliff-dive or cliff-jump.
  31. Own a car, or a house.
  32. Attend graduate school.
  33. Engage in stock trade.
  34. Travel solo.
  35. Set foot in the United States.

Target Date of Completion: June 1, 2018

Will post about the items I already completed. Good luck to me.

Share your life/bucket list too! 🙂